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Our teachers understand that students learn more and gain confidence by being in small groups. Thus our approach to delivering classes in small groups of 2-5 students.

The courses are structured based on the NSW Syllabus in a clear and understandable manner to make it easier for both students and parents.

Year 9 maths and english Tutoring Courses

As we get closer to the HSC years, the focus shifts towards empowering students to realise their potential and strengths and giving them the opportunity to develop those strengths.

Year 9 tutoring programs give students the opportunity to capitalise on their strengths and help them plan and structure their study. The courses deliver concepts and focus on allowing students to practice.

Year 9 Tutoring Courses 2017

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classes with groups of 3-5students!!

  • Taught by qualified teachers

  • ​Delivered in small groups

           (2-5 students ONLY)


  • Online study and support portal

  • Comprehensive lesson booklets


  • Regular assessments


  • Private one-on-one classes