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Year 6 English and Maths Programs

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  • Small group classes (2-5 students)

  • Private one-on-one classes


  • Motivational environment

  • Individualised teaching

  • Experienced primary teachers

  • Comprehensive workbooks and teaching notes

  • Weekly quizzes


  • Homework assistance and ongoing feedback 

You child is offered:




Need to know more? Speak to an adviser now CALL 1300 784 658

year 6 english and mathematics Tutoring Courses 2016

It is time to get ready for high school. Year 6 students develop independent learning skills and better working ethics. They work at a faster pace and answer questions accurately.

The course content is tailored clearly to the NSW Syllabus to help students and parents better understand what is required to prepare for high school and do well in Literacy and Numeracy.

 English and Maths skills developed during the courses:

  • ​​Problem Solving

  • Reasoning and Proof

  • Communication

  • Connections

  • ​Representation​​​​​​




The primary teachers at UHS Tutoring have:

  • Sound and significant knowledge of English and Mathematics;

  • Understand the theories of student intellectual development across the spectrum of diverse learners in both Literacy and Numeracy.

  • Utilize a variety of instruction modes and assessment techniques; and


  • Have effective communication and motivational strategies


 Year 6 key areas of competency in Numeracy:



classes with groups of 3-5students!!