Year 10 english and maths Tutoring Courses

Year 10 Maths and English program at UHS Tutoring are delivered by qualified and experienced high school teachers. The tutoring courses are based on our unique collaborative tutoring approach.

Year 10 Tutoring Courses 2017

  • Taught by qualified teachers

  • ​Delivered in small groups

           (3-5 students ONLY)


  • Online study and support portal

  • Comprehensive lesson booklets


  • Regular assessments


  • Private one-on-one classes

For more information please call 1300 784 658

Being able to master Year 10 Mathematics and English means that you will guarantee a smooth and easy transition into the HSC years. As the concepts learnt in year 10 form the basis of Year 11 and Year 12.

When you join UHS Tutoring, we work actively on understanding your child's learning needs and focus on formulating reasonable and attainable learning goals for them.

We also provide online support and advice to both parents and students in order to achieve those educational milestones.


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