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The board of studies (BOSTES) published a short Literacy and Numeracy demonstration test sample test for students and parents to have an idea of what the literacy and numeracy test will be like for students who achieve less than Band 8 in the Year 9 NAPLAN.

Year 9 HSC Eligibility Practice Tests

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HSC overhaul announcement

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Although the changes to the HSC examinations will only take effect in 2019, students and parents are encouraged to prepare themselves for the changes through the implementation of new study routines and habits and a change in the way students learn, especially in tutoring sessions where they are encouraged to develop independent work ethics.

4) Proposed changes explained by the minister

Minimum standard test for Year 9 literacy, numeracy in NSW

Adrian Piccoli, the NSW Education Minister announced major changes to the HSC exams.

1) Students who are in Year 8 (in 2016) will be affected.

This change means that all students who are currently (2016) in Year 8 will be required to achieve at least band 8 in the year 9 NAPLAN reading, writing and numeracy tests to be eligible for the HSC.

2) The NSW Syllabuses will be updated

The NSW Syllabuses for English, Mathematics, Histoy and Science will be updated by the State Government. In addition, they will be introducing an extension science subject.

The HSC Exam questions will consequently change. This change is to make sure that rote learning is excluded. Especially for subjects like English Standard and English Advanced.

3) Links to the Stronger HSC Standards 

View the Stronger HSC Standards current state, future state from the Minister.


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