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summer holiday programs

Students should not miss out on this summer's holiday tutoring courses. They are the perfect opportunity to get ready for next year, to save time and effort.

Primary School

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 05

Year 6

  • To learn next year's content so that you can spend less time on homework and more time on learning new things.
  • The courses are taught by qualified school tutors (up to PhD qualifications)
  • Access to the UHS Portal for student resources and online discussion forums
  • Gain highly valuable examination tips (especially for the HSC)
  • Get ready for your end of year examination and for the HSC trials

Summer tutoring courses are designed to to make sure that our students are familiar and comfortable with the NSW Syllabus content that will be presented to them in Term 1.

Get ahead in summer

Start ahead of schools in January to give your child an overview of the next school year before it even starts.

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classes with groups of 3-5students!!