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Attendance and classes

Students are required to attend all their classes during the scheduled time and day in which they are enrolled. The minimum enrolment period is one term (10 weeks) and disenrolments cannot be made during this period. If a student fails to attend one or more classes during this period for any reason, neither credits or refunds will be provided. Students are not allowed to change classes once their enrolment is confirmed and secured and requests for one off class changes will not be entertained.
Classes cancelled by teachers (in unavoidable circumstances) will be given later at a time mutually agreed between the students and the teacher.
As tutors/instructors have extensive experience and maintain high standards of teaching, every effort will be made to replace teachers when necessary. United Hemispheres Services (UHS) reserves the right to change teachers during a course.
The maximum size for each class is five students. In the case of insufficient numbers or unforeseen circumstances, United Hemispheres Services reserves the right to cancel a class, in which case another class will be offered or a full refund will be made.

Refund Policy

Course fees will not be refunded or credited under any circumstances. This is why we highly recommend that all our customers read our terms and conditions carefully before making a decision to enrol in any of our courses.

Student Commitment

Regardless of which payment option you choose during your enrolment you are legally liable to make full payment for your course fees within the timeframe allocated to you by United Hemispheres Services.

Providing Personal Information

Students at United Hemispheres Services are required to submit personal information which are kept confidential at all times. If a student changes any of their personal details they must inform us of the changes as soon as possible. United Hemispheres Services reserves the right to not accept or cancel an enrolment if the student intentionally provides information which is false or misleading.

Amendments to terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

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