Th UHS Tutoring online home tutoring offers:

  • FREE assessments by an experienced teacher
  • Comprehensive review of school reports and assessments
  • Personalised tutoring sessions to suit your individual needs
  • Enhanced results, confidence
  • No travel required, attend from home

Benefits of online home tutoring

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You are now one click away from attending your own tutoring sessions right from home. No travel, no trouble. We connect you to our qualified tutors live and in real time. You ask questions, you share documents and you even participate in the class and write on a shared digital whiteboard, just like you normally would in classes on our campuses.

With the UHS Tutoring online home tutoring systems, all the students have to do, Australia wide, is login and they can start getting all the help they need to improve their results or master their study plan right from home.

With similar success rates!!

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Now you can get tutored in the comfort of your own home. English, Science and Maths live online tuition for primary and secondary students. While enjoying the same success rates our in-class students and parents enjoy.

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Still not sure?

​Parents can speak to us to seek professional academic advice

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classes with groups of 3-5students!!

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